It started with a simple remark from a visitor. Why is this place dirtier than other hill stations like Mukteshwar. I have been an urbanite all my life. And my observation after I started living in a village on the outskirts of Almora was that the villagers follow better practices than people living in large cities. Their eco system is so created that all natural resources are utilized effectively in a circular way. The only thing they are unable to handle is the man-made materials like plastic, etc. But then as city-dwellers, with so much of infrastructure in place, have we been able to address this issue at our end? Talk about garbage segregation from our own homes and completing the cycle in appropriate practice. I don’t think so.
A casual conversation led to revelation that there is a need to get our act together.
An association was made, leaders motivated. A plan put into action. The objective was to get our area rid of garbage and make it a clean and welcoming place.
It has been a great week when resources were put together by business owners and residents of the area, they volunteered to work themselves on the drive as well.
And today is the third day of activity. It is such a pleasure to see the engagement. Even the tourist guests from Home-stays and Resorts in the area have pitched into the act and are contributing to make ours a clean place.
I hope this would continue and spread into a larger initiative of bringing in the change. The world is a beautiful place if we keep it that way.

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