Customer service has gained importance in the last few years. Retailers around the globe have discovered the consumer’s unwillingness to come to their stores to shop. Delivery at doorstep has been the inevitable ask of the Gen Z. This has given rise to many business verticals in the supply chain space.

While we are witnessing a world crisis, many things will change in the day-to-day living of the consumer. In this short period of time, COVID-19 has overwhelmed lives around the world. It has forced us to change the definition of customer care. The metrics of consumer want and its fulfilment has changed. Urgency to address what they need has become the call of the day.

A customer’s interaction us and how we respond to service their immediate need can trigger an effect on his or her sense of trust and loyalty. How can we give a lingering effect that lasts long after the COVID-19 crisis and builds a bond between our customer and us through an excellent customer experience practice. Such practices that can be framed now will lead us to success through post pandemic times.

Small steps that any retailer can take to build that framework can help him win his customers at this very point of time:

* Don’t market yourself. Reach out to your customer with genuine support.

* Expand home delivery options.

* Innovate digital models to help customers get your service, though with safety.

* Migrate your customers to digital channels at this point of time. Be it last mile deliveries, or payment modes.

* Reduce costs – front end and administrative. Invest in technology as capital and reduce and replace recurring costs to the minimum. Make your business resilient to the changing times. Become lean and mean to withstand downturns.

* Keep your ear to the ground to get insights into customer satisfaction metrics* Tap social media for quick customer readings. Their changing tastes and preferences.

What is important right now is to leave lasting memories in customers’ mind. That is very cost effective way of acquisition, if you are genuinely servicing the customer and rising yourself to their expectations. And it will pay as times will change.Given the scenario we are in, it is imperative that the economic downturn is imminent. And preparing ourselves in time to be ready for what is in store is the only way forward.

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Shunya is a journey of fashion veteran, Rajesh Jain, a business strategist in the Fashion & Retail industry. His domains cover all aspects of business – Product, People & Processes. He has journaled here his observations of this ever-changing trends in consumer behaviour and lifestyle.

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