Quarantined as we are, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are totally dependent of internet – be in ordering essentials for survival, news updates on the state of the world, or entertainment through Netflix.

We have witnessed technology seeping into our world – from Siri and Alexa to food processors to self-driven cars and what not. The consumer has lapped up the luxury of everything delivered at his doorstep – more so with the new catch phrase ‘Social Distancing’. With closure of Brick ‘N’ Mortar stores across the globe due to the pandemic lock-down, retailing has taken a big hit, which will be more visible once we are back on the ground.

A few things are going to change for ever. One of them is the role of internet in our lives. The following things are bound to happen – as it is clearly written on the wall:

  • Technology Sweep

Tech takes a center-stage. How much ever we may say we should take a U turn and move away from technology; it has become an integral part of our lives and is here to stay.

  • Social Distancing

The advent of Social Distancing and its importance will play its role for a long time to come. The imprints of Corona Virus are going to make deep marks in our lives. Hence our socializing on the digital space is bound to get stronger. And so will be our physical movement.

Order online and stay at home is the new mantra which is here to stay, at least for the next few years.

  • Resilient Supply Chain

The new business mantra is coming out to be Resilience. Not only your business has to have flexibility in its approach to address the newly evolved consumer, but it needs to focus on a resilient supply chain process to be its backbone to survive and succeed.

  • Conscious Consumer

We are going through a change in our lifestyle. We now realise the impact of where we stand on the larger scale of ecology. The importance of balance and realization that human is not God has been the awakening amongst us all. The lock-down is helping us to introspect and examine what is necessary and what is important. We surely would come out a learned and better species minus the arrogance of supremacy that we had inculcated over time.

  • Essentialism

Today, it looks like essentials are the new luxury. And having limited access to the fulfilment of our needs, we have started appreciation of what is local and what is necessary. The consumer is going to get used to setting different standards of priority in his consumption. Given the economic upheavals that the world economy is going through, he will be forced to, if not voluntarily.

While all these changes take place, life is going to take a restart once we are out of this situation. I can foresee a lot of changes happening to the way we live. It is difficult to envisage the exact form that we would evolve into. As we pass every day, it is adding more to it.

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Shunya is a journey of fashion veteran, Rajesh Jain, a business strategist in the Fashion & Retail industry. His domains cover all aspects of business – Product, People & Processes. He has journaled here his observations of this ever-changing trends in consumer behaviour and lifestyle.

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