The world is going through unprecedented times, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic taking the world by surprise. Life was just usual till a month back. And everything seems to have changed across the world.

Advocates of Sustainable Lifestyle like me have been talking and deliberating the need of the world to slow down and become more conscious of what excess we have done to our ecological system.

The fear so far has been about the after-effects of slowing down of economies. Less consumption, leading to less production, leading to less employability, leading to chaos. The break in the cycle was imminent and the thought was scary. But it was necessary and imminent. The need of the hour. And we have suddenly reached the tipping point.

The arrival of the pandemic has broken the whole chain and brought the world to a standstill. We are all quarantined in our respective geographical locations. Distanced from the rest of the world. Worried about our tomorrow. Worried of survival.

The lockdown declared for three weeks does not seem to be ending as we have crossed a week. The world is in a pandemonium. Every government is fighting to save its people and economies.

We are experiencing all kinds of challenges we never thought existed in the world we have created for ourselves. Being the most adaptive of all species, we are going through a major revolution in how we live, every day. We are changing with the situation, without realizing that this is exactly what seemed impossible a few months back.

The lockdown also has brought in time for us to appreciate whatever little we are having access to. Time, resources, thoughts – survival with the essentials.

And it all seems to be falling in place. Going back from where we have come. In the name of advancement. In the zeal to get more. The rat-race. And the times are showing its insignificance.

I am sure, like all times in past, we will get over this crisis. And survive. As a species that has changed. Changed for a new order.

Hypothetically, it may seem like taking a U turn, at a very fast pace. But inevitable as it may seem, we are going back by a century or so.

Ironically, we are taking a few things with us as we go back to our past. The internet of things. Life will be as it was a century ago. We will be equally social as we were. Only with a distance. And more digital – thanks to the advent of Social Distancing.

We can see the light on the horizon. The light of change. And we can see the world going through a transformation. A new order.

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Shunya is a journey of fashion veteran, Rajesh Jain, a business strategist in the Fashion & Retail industry. His domains cover all aspects of business – Product, People & Processes. He has journaled here his observations of this ever-changing trends in consumer behaviour and lifestyle.

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