Sustainable & Circular Fashion: Are You Ready For The Change?

Welcome To The Era Of ANTHROPOCENE 

Everyone is talking awareness towards a destruction of environment, which will lead to our own peril. We are aware how our advancement in technology and as human beings, the zeal to control the ecosystem has resulted in this situation.

There is only one way forward – of going back to where we came from. And there is no other way.

Do We Have A Planet B

We are talking our own sustenance in the long run. Let us face the truth. The awareness that has set in is relatively new and it is going to take time for all to change their practices which have set in since a long time. Adaptability is the toughest part for people. There is always an initial resistance. When the front runners talk change, the followers, without challenging them, show resistance by finding ways to minimize their own contribution to change. So, we find different definitions of being in the movement, as it suits us. This phase of transition is being viewed in the same context. While the front runners of change are becoming minimalists, and are bold enough to breaking of rules, the second handers are finding various ways to contribute without much change in their own patterns.

How Prepared Are We For Change

I may not buy anything for the next six months. But the guy next door may switch to altering his oversized old garments to wear them rather than discarding them. Another person may go out and rent new clothes when he is unable to keep his temptation to wear new clothes, which is a habit he is imbibed in him.

Of course, they are all contributors to the movement. In their own ways. Upcycling, downsizing, renting, buying less, buying things that are not going to go out of fashion, buying from other people to utilize the product to its maximum lifespan rather than discarding it to contribute to landfills. They are all forms of conscious efforts towards minimizing using of resources available to us. So which category of consumer do you classify yourself as? 

Sustainable Fashion & You

Coming from fashion and lifestyle perspective, here is a list of forms under which we all are contributing towards a more sustainable approach towards a better tomorrow:

  1. On Demand & Custom Made
  2. Green & Clean
  3. High Quality & Timeless Design
  4. Fair & Ethical
  5. Repair, Redesign & Upcycle
  6. Rent, Lease & Swap
  7. Second-hand & Vintage

Food For Thought

So which category do you belong to? And where do you see yourself going in the times to come.

I leave you with this food for thought.

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Shunya is a journey of fashion veteran, Rajesh Jain, a business strategist in the Fashion & Retail industry. His domains cover all aspects of business – Product, People & Processes. He has journaled here his observations of this ever-changing trends in consumer behaviour and lifestyle.

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